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Senate Democrats Live: Sonia Sotomayor

July 13, 2009

[clearspring_widget title=”Senate Democrats Live: Sonia Sotomayor” wid=”4a57acd5c04e814d” pid=”4a5b5ae6979654dc” width=”336″ height=”356″ domain=””]

I thought I’d add this live stream of the Sotomayor hearing. Seems like a fun little experiment. Also a nice demonstration of how to use live streaming and Social Media. Oh, and the content is kind of important, too.

Kind of crazy how you can just add a little widget, and suddenly you are live streaming, too. It’s kind of like splitting the cable of Cable TV, except you just click some buttons, and you can do it on a mass scale. A little frightening, in a way.

I got it from

Also, there’s a live blog of the event happening at Huffpo.