Origin of a blog name

March 30, 2010

In case you were wondering, yes, I did name this blog after the movie Adventures in Babysitting. I thought the world finally needed to hear it from the source.

Doesn’t it make my blog so much more interesting now that it is cast in this new light? If you are someone who would answer this question in the affirmative, well, I’m happy to hear it and welcome you to join me in appreciating a view of the world slightly off center. If you answered in the negative, well, I guess there’s still time for you.

I won’t pull any shenanigans and try to trick you into thinking there’s a deeper, hidden meaning behind this blog name origin. I needed a name that captured the essence of what this blog would be about, namely, a collection of my thoughts and experiences in media development around the world. Something that would express the gusto that I bring to my work, something lively and energized, full of adventure–I don’t just sit at home thinking about media, I go out there and live it with, well, gusto.

Then this movie flashed before my eyes. In one fell swoop, it rounded out something else that needed to be evoked by the title. A tip of the hat to the absurd, but not simply the absurd for absurd’s sake. Something a little more me. Something visceral, something rooted deep within the arcane, almost grotesque, reaches of our pop cultural treasure chest. Something that blipped on our radar for a moment, but disappeared as it should have, awaiting a subtle reminder such as a blog title allusion.

With this name, I am both mocking this cultural blip and sublimating it for its strange perfection in capturing that ridiculous and facile quality that was distinctly America in the 80s.

Thank you, Adventures in Babysitting. You came through when I needed you most.

And since I am categorizing this post in “Music Tuesday”, I should leave you with a little music from the movie. Somehow this one scene captures what went so wrong and was so bizarrely fascinating about the decade that largely shaped who I am today.

Photo 1:  Courtesy of Quentin X.


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