LiveTweet at Going Mobile: How Nonprofits are Using Mobile

November 13, 2009

I went to the event Going Mobile: How Nonprofits are Using Mobile yesterday, and of course, tweeted about it. This was a two-hour panel discussion moderated by Personal Democracy Forum founder, Andrew Rasiej. Panelists included:  Jed Alpert (Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Mobile Commons), Emma Daly (Communications Director, Human Rights Watch), Enrique Piracés (Senior Online Strategist, Human Rights Watch), and Katrin Verclas (Co-founder and Editor of MobileActive.org).

Below is a friendfeed of the first then tweets during the event, which offer a glimpse into what was a truly fascinating event. You can see all of my tweets on the event aggregated here. Also, they filmed the event, and said it would be on YouTube soon. I’ll add it to this post when it becomes available.

View my FriendFeed

Author’s Note:  I know I keep calling them “LiveTweets”, when tweeting is always live. “LiveBlog” just doesn’t sound right, given that I am tweeting, not blogging.


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