MediaNext: Facebook and Social Networking – Training Links I Used in Ukraine

August 6, 2009
Here are the links I used during my MediaNext training seminars on Facebook, Vkontakte, and Social Networking for Ukrainian journalists and NGOs in June and July. You will find examples of how these tools are being used by journalists and NGOs (case studies, if you will), links to articles with statistics and trends in these tools, and other misc. links backing up with at I was training. You will also find at the bottom a section of “helpful links” and one on “Facebook Tips”. I was working with co-trainers, so these aren’t all of the links we used in our seminars. But, this gives you a good base.

Three other things to note:

  1. Languages – You will see that some of this is occasionally in Ukrainian or Russian. In those instances, I tried to provide an English translation to make it easier to read for non-speakers. In some cases, I have used Google Translate to translate into Ukrainian. Be careful with these, because occasionally the translations are a bit funny. However, they are close enough to be informative. Also, ideally I would have a Russian version, Ukrainian version, AND an English version. But, time is finite.
  2. Downloadable Version – I have also created a downloadable PDF version that might be a useful alternative for you. Please let me know if you have troubles with this, and I could post a different version.

I hope these links below will prove useful for you. I tried to stay current, using links and info only from 2008 and on. I’d love to hear any thoughts, questions, or feedback on any of this. Enjoy!

Переклати тексти в інтернеті з англійської на українську мову можна з допомогою (You can translate this text to Ukrainian with the help of Google Translate) – http://translate.google.com/translate_t#

Social Networking, Vkontakte, and Facebook

Helpful links

Facebook Поради (Facebook Tips):

  • Як журналісти можуть використовувати Facebook (How journalists can use Facebook, Google translated into Ukrainian) – http://bit.ly/13iSXe
  • Як випливає Журналісти використовують Facebook? (How should journalists use Facebook, Google translated into Ukrainian) – http://bit.ly/33CzXl


  1. perfect! thanks for even more links, Ben!
    will send you agenda for 2nd module, pls have a look

  2. […] Facebook and Social Networking – Training Links I Used in Ukraine […]

  3. […] Facebook and Social Networking – Training Links I Used in Ukraine […]

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